Trust the Process

Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please….

It is with much excitement that I am now able to share with you all Urban Yoga’s brand new website [insert a big grin and ecstatic clapping hands emoticon]!

As part of this new cycle and ongoing evolution of Urban Yoga, our new website follows what has been months of old and new ideas, discussions, brainstorming, hand drawn diagrams, planning, designing, photographing, blue sky dreaming, editing, more discussions, many dinners shared and a touch of technical problem solving. Those who know me off the mat know that I prefer my yoga mat laid out straight (its own alignment adjustments often required during my practice) and that I’m very very afraid of tangled cables behind TV sets. The virtual world web version of this compulsion for orderliness was no different!

What I have been reminded of over and over again during this little micro journey was quite simple. Trust the Process. To trust the process has been a mantra said over and over to myself in moments over past few months when things came up that seemingly were going to throw everything off course. Going into it with Production Management habits ingrained over the past 10 years in the creative Film and Television Effects Industry, this seemed to go against the grain of how to ‘get things done’. To simply trust in the process has required an entire shift in perspective and it has been a daily practice.

To trust the process somehow simplifies the complex. It is a reminder that instead of pushing and trying to force everything in one direction or goal, or perhaps worse resisting and trying to fend off the inevitable curveball, letting the bigger picture of the process in, means that things often have their own organic way of being resolved.

If I consciously paused in those moments of unease and allowed things to settle however they landed, if I allowed myself to soften and just observe, with a willingness to trust the process and allow even the most uncomfortable untidy pockets to reassemble themselves, things would eventually emerge with greater clarity, with more energy to support and sustain an ongoing process now ready to move forward into it’s next phase. Like the practice of yoga, the process is a journey that never ends. It is our ability to have faith, to trust in it and show up each day that requires conscious attention and alignment, followed by the inevitable action as the process resumes its next cycle. In this way the process is, and we are all, works in progress.

~ Sarah Morris