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2016 Urban Retreat

Awaken Your Potential and Discover New Pathways in 2016.

Want to launch your year feeling invigorated in body, mind and spirit? Have you been longing to go on a yoga retreat but just can’t seem to fit one in? Our 2016 Urban Retreat is for you!

Get clear on your direction and intentions for 2016 and foster the foundations that will support and nurture your own potential for the year. Special guest teacher and Embodied FlowTM facilitator Adele Kinghan will guide you over this unique four-day retreat accessible to all levels of yoga practitioner happening January 11th- 14th.

Whether you are visiting the city on holiday, or returning to work during this time, our Urban Retreat is an incredible opportunity to start your year off on an inspiring note brimming with inspiration and motivation.

Urban Yoga Urban RetreatRetreat Overview

~ Practice ~

With your practice as the platform; an amazing process of discovery, play and rising insight will start to emerge as the four days progress. Spread into bite size pieces over the 4 days, each practice session is designed to have a powerful transformative effect for all levels of yoga practitioner attending.

Whether you’re more of a beginner starting out or a seasoned practitioner, the Practice sessions will be a balanced progression of asana, pranayama, contemplation and meditation. Options will be given for all levels so you can feel challenged but not overwhelmed. The outcome of your retreat Morning and Evening practice experience will be one of renewed clarity and a sense of empowerment in body, mind and spirit. See the ‘Practice Foundation’ below for more details informing this component of the retreat.

~ Nourish ~

Accompany your practice by nourishing your body. In signing up to the full retreat package, each student will receive a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie of their choice prepared by J’me Juice Bar (right across from our front door) following each morning session.

~ Restore ~

All students attending will receive a deeply healing 30 minute massage treatment with Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Tracy Anderson. As part of the overall experience, this specialized treatment will serve as a restorative compliment to the intensive four days.

Appointment times will be spread across the four retreat days along with some appointments available on the Saturday (January 16th) following the retreat for those working during the daytime.

Monday 11 – Thursday 14 January, 2016(3)

  • Mornings

    7:00 – 8:00

    Meditation, pranayama and gentle yoga practice*

  • Daytime

    8:30 – 17:00

    30 minute Neuromuscular Massage Treatment**

  • Evenings

    17:45 – 19:15

    Embodied Flow Yoga Practice, Somatic Movement and Contemplation

*Collect your pre ordered fresh smoothie or juice from J’me Juice Bar across the street as you head off for your day following the morning session.

**Massage Appt times are first in first served and are to be booked upon signing up for the retreat.

Package Pricing & Registration

  • $265 – Early Bird : Full Retreat (available until Dec 21st)
  • $295 – Full Retreat (from Dec 22nd)
  • $215 – Early Bird : Part Retreat (Evening Sessions & Massage only)
  • $240 – Part Retreat (Evening Sessions & Massage only)

To register, email: bookings (at) urbanyoga (dot) co (dot) nz
For more information please email Sarah at bookings (at) urbanyoga (dot) co (dot) nz

Adele KinghanUrban Retreat Foundation 

Led by Embodied FlowTM teacher Adele Kinghan

~ Citi-samkocatma cetano-pi samkucita-visvamayah ~

Even the individual, whose nature is Consciousness in a contracted state, embodies the universe in a contracted form (1.4 PBH)


The (contracted) human body is often referred to as a drop of water from the ocean, holding all of the properties of the ocean, but which mistakenly perceives itself as separate from the ocean.

Until our perception widens, this view of separation is the only ‘truth’ available to us. It is this view of separation that binds us and causes suffering.

Hatha yoga, which has its origins in Tantra, has always perceived that the very technology for awakening to that truth lies within.
And it all starts with the body.

Imagine a world before the internet and then the resulting huge shift in global networking when internet became available. All of a sudden millions of people came online.

When we think about our bodies being awake, in the same way that having more internet access globally expanded the conversations around the world, so does awakening our body expand the conversation of our consciousness.

In the same way that we can now connect with people around the world who we didn’t know existed, we can discover parts of ourselves we didn’t know we could be in conversation with to expand our pallet of experience and our channels for growth.
When we enter the conversation of our consciousness, we’re more in-tune and adaptable to what’s going on within ourselves and our environment.

We’re able to distinguish the subtleties and be less reactive and less at the mercy of our unconscious patterns and habits. To reside in a place where we are responsive and not reactive is immense – to have choice, to engage in things we wouldn’t otherwise engage in.

An awake body gifts us a greater perspective of our life, our potential and what we are. Our four days together will be a journey of discovery, flow and awakening possibility as we bring more of ourselves into the equation for 2016 and beyond.

If you’re curious about deepening your yoga practice and indeed your health and wellbeing, but haven’t quite yet managed to manifest your intentions and direction for your year ahead, this is for you.

About Adele

Adele wants to live in a world where yoga is medicine, desire is celebrated, everyone’s default state is wellbeing, and dancing in the streets is highly encouraged if not mandatory.

With her passion for movement Adele’s first love was dance – everything from ballet to hip hop – and she was a dance teacher for many years. It wasn’t until Adele was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 25 and given a 30% chance of survival that she explored yoga, first as a way to manage pain, and then to heal and regain strength.

Since returning to full health she has made yoga a regular part of her life and feels better than ever for it. In yoga Adele found the same challenge and fun she had in dance, and so much more. She healed her body, overcame fears around her illness and found a way to live fully, with grace, gratitude and an open heart.

As a yoga teacher in the style of Embodied Flow, Adele is sought after for her breadth of knowledge, empowering approach and attention to awakening – be it physical, mental and emotional. She is a master at helping students unwind unhelpful habits, patterning, tension and thoughts and in the process guiding them to uncover the best version of themselves.

In additional to her wellness journey, Adele spent 11 years working in public relations across large multi-nationals, investment banks, government and the third sector. She knows first hand what stress and imbalance does to our bodies and has developed a great toolkit to help students find a greater sense of ease, calm and flow in their life.

Adele’s extensive yoga training includes Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle, Anusara, Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank, and Fluid Power vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea.

When she’s not on the mat she’s finding her yoga on the snow, in the water, or basking in the sunshine on her deck with a good book. You can find her cooking up a storm, walking her dog on the beach, and when her schedule allows, exploring many an intrepid destination.

Urban Retreat Urban Yoga WellingtonAbout Tracey

With 20 years experience as a Massage, Neuromuscular and Neurolinguistic Practitioner in New Zealand and overseas in the US and UK,  over 15 years teaching NMT Neuromuscular Therapy at  the New Zealand College of Massage (NZCM),  and most recently 10 years as a dedicated therapist on Film Productions such as LOTR, King Kong, Avatar and The Hobbit , Tracy Anderson knows how to work with the human body.

Whether you’re looking to alleviate long held patterns of tension, recover from an injury, support your physical training programme or simply indulge and support your personal health and well being, Tracy will skilfully provide a treatment customised to your specific needs, helping you find greater freedom in your body as a vehicle for awakening.

Tracy enjoys working with people and has genuine passion for the work she does. Tracy is delighted to join Urban Yoga’s 2016 Urban Retreat and provide the ‘Restore’ component, offering a specialised treatment that will work wonders for the individual attending this four day intensive.


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