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2017 Urban Retreat


Start your year with energy and intention! Join Embodied Flow™ facilitator Adele Kinghan and guests on this 5 day Urban Retreat happening 23rd-27th of January, 2017. Early Bird pricing available until January 8th.

A New Year is a time for resolutions – but all too often the resolutions we make go un-fulfilled because we’re doing it backwards. Discover a new way to map out what you desire in 2017, with practices to reveal what’s truly meaningful and authentic to you, the tools to make it happen and how to keep it sustainable.

Adele Kinghan makes a much anticipated return to Urban Yoga to facilitate this 5 day retreat which will skilfully intertwine both Eastern enlightenment philosophies and Western frameworks – including Desire Mapping™ – to help you navigate your unique start to 2017 infused with energy and authentic intention.

Whether you are visiting the city on holiday, or returning to work during this time, our Urban Retreat is an incredible opportunity to start your year off on an inspiring note!

Urban Yoga Urban RetreatRetreat Overview


Turn over a fresh page and be ready to have any doubts or preconceptions shattered! Over the course of the 5 retreat days you will explore the richness of yoga; through the lens of the chakra system as a way of understanding life, that begins with the most fundamental aspect of our being – Consciousness.

That very consciousness then becomes the foundation to know who and what we are and all that’s possible. Once we have this awareness, everything we think, feel and do becomes a harmonious, cohesive expression of that knowing.

Start each day with a 60min breathing, meditation practice infused with some contemplative Desire Mapping™ exercises, to make the most of the clarity that often comes with the beginning of a new day.

Morning insights will have a chance to assimilate during your day to be further integrated in the 90 min evening sessions of asana and intelligent movement – each practice focusing on a particular chakra, an associated area of your body, a particular category of poses, and complimented by the practical applications of Desire Mapping™ pertinent to supporting your day to day life – the life of your design.

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th January, 2017(3)

  • Mornings

    7:00 – 8:00

    See Daily Practice Descriptions Below

  • Daytime

    10:00 – 3:00

    Thai Massage Appointment (45mins)

  • Evenings

    17:45 – 19:15

    See Daily Practice Descriptions Below

Each sequential session is designed as a progression to build on the session/day prior.


Day 1: First Chakra / Coccygeal body and adrenals: Relational integrity in standing poses, handstand and life. Soul lesson: Service and standing in your truth.

Day 2: Second Chakra/ Reproductive organs: Working with the fluid body, desire, creativity, pleasure and joy in hip openers to unlock and unblock what holds you back from living the life of your design. Soul lesson: Peace and wisdom.

Day 3: Third Chakra/ Pancreas: Flight school – empower your core and take off with arm balances, dare to imagine and soar. Soul lesson: Human and Divine Love.

Day 4: Fourth Chakra/ Thymus, SA and AV node: Deepen your backbends and commune with the wisdom of your heart. Soul lesson: Brotherhood, sisterhood and love.

Day 5: Upper Spiritual Chakras/ Thyroid, Pituitary and Pineal glands: Introspection through headstand, shoulderstand and forward folds in a deliciously crafted yin sequence to gift the time and space necessary to fully integrate the information garnered from the focused 5 days. Sanctify your action plan for your year! Soul lesson: Intuition, expression and oneness with source.

Urban Yoga Urban Retreat~ NOURISH ~

Accompany your practice by nourishing your body. In signing up to the full retreat package, each student will receive a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie of their choice prepared by J’me Juice Bar (right across from our front door) following each morning session.


Urban Yoga Urban RetreatAll students attending will receive a deeply healing 45 minute massage treatment* with resident Thai Massage Therapist & Senior Yoga Teacher, Josiane O’Rourke. As part of the overall experience, this specialized treatment will serve as a restorative compliment to the 5 day intensive.

Appointment times will be spread across the four retreat days along with some appointments available on the Saturday (January 28th) following the retreat for those working during the daytimes.

*Massage Appt times are first in first served and are to be booked upon registering for the retreat.

Package Pricing & Registration

  • $300 – Early Bird : Full Retreat (available until Jan 8th)
  • $325 – Full Retreat (from Jan 9th)
  • $250 – Early Bird : Part Retreat (Evening Sessions & Massage only)
  • $275 – Part Retreat (Evening Sessions & Massage only)

Registrations online* at Urban Yoga NZ Online
Email enquiries to Sarah – bookings (at) urbanyoga.co.nz
Please read the Urban Yoga Policies.

*NB Registrations will incur a small Ezidebit bank transaction fee when booking online.

More About the Chakras

In today’s culture each chakra can be likened to a CD that stores valuable information relating to an area of psychological health e.g. power, love, communication.

If a chakra is blocked or out of balance, it obstructs or stagnates the directional flow of our prana or life force energy. Imbalances can be catalysed by childhood traumas, cultural and social expectations, and physical pain.

To create and sustain balance we must both understand what is causing the imbalance, and take action to heal it.

This retreat with both the morning meditations and the evening asana practices will provide the architecture for students to explore their own chakras, become aware of any imbalances (and the underlying causes) and seek a return to balance through a holistic approach to healing, growth and transformation for a full and vibrant 2017 and beyond.

Urban Retreat Facilitators

Urban Retreat Urban Yoga WellingtonAdele Kinghan

Adele wants to live in a world where yoga is medicine, desire is celebrated, everyone’s default state is wellbeing, and dancing in the streets is highly encouraged if not mandatory.

With her passion for movement Adele’s first love was dance – everything from ballet to hip hop – and she was a dance teacher for many years. It wasn’t until Adele was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 25 and given a 30% chance of survival that she explored yoga, first as a way to manage pain, and then to heal and regain strength.

Since returning to full health she has made yoga a regular part of her life and feels better than ever for it. In yoga Adele found the same challenge and fun she had in dance, and so much more. She healed her body, overcame fears around her illness and found a way to live fully, with grace, gratitude and an open heart.

As a yoga teacher in the style of Embodied Flow, Adele is sought after for her breadth of knowledge, empowering approach and attention to awakening – be it physical, mental and emotional. She is a master at helping students unwind unhelpful habits, patterning, tension and thoughts and in the process guiding them to uncover the best version of themselves.

In additional to her wellness journey, Adele spent 11 years working in public relations across large multi-nationals, investment banks, government and the third sector. She knows first hand what stress and imbalance does to our bodies and has developed a great toolkit to help students find a greater sense of ease, calm and flow in their life.

Adele’s extensive yoga training includes Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle, Anusara, Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank, and Fluid Power vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea.

When she’s not on the mat she’s finding her yoga on the snow, in the water, or basking in the sunshine on her deck with a good book. You can find her cooking up a storm, walking her dog on the beach, and when her schedule allows, exploring many an intrepid destination.

Urban Retreat Urban Yoga WellingtonJosiane O’Rourke

Josiane is both a dedicated yoga teacher, and passionate Thai Massage Therapist.

Through the application and practice of both traditions, Josiane sees every day the benefits that these two disciplines bring to people who are committed to leading active lives with vibrant health.

In seeking out further ways to assist people in their movement practice, Josiane has studied Thai Massage at the Lotus Palm school, attaining a level 4 accreditation, that includes 250 hours of practice.

By furthering her studies, Josiane has discovered a complimentary tool kit to support the practice of yoga, continuing her aim of fostering vital health and self-care; the power of the therapeutic touch, the healing principles of Ayurveda, and also the importance of “metta”, or compassion in many aspects of her life.

Most recently, Josiane has completed Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball® training in Montreal, Canada; a specialised practice that applies highly conscious corrective movements and self-massage myofascial release techniques using therapy balls.

Josiane has genuine passion for Thai Massage Therapy and is thrilled to be offering this as the ‘Restore’ component on this 5 day intensive.


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