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Adventures In The Field

 Adventures In The Field™ 
~ Embodied. Spatial. Philosophy.

For the first time in New Zealand, Urban Yoga is delighted to present Adventures In The Field™ a workshop weekend adventure, designed and facilitated by Camilla Maling. 

Here is a process that has arisen from your make up and grows as uniquely as you. Here is a process to cultivate your awareness of yourself as an omni-dimensional integrated embodied being. Indeed, we are all embodied, yet around this, there are varying degrees of awareness, understanding & knowing. I hold embodied experiential understanding in the highest regard. I feel that it’s key to our vitality and intelligence as a human race & culture and our personal, collective & environmental sustainability. ~ Camilla

Take an Adventure In The Field, follow a map and…

• Rebuild and transform your relationship with your embodiment – yourself and your physicality.
• Immerse yourself in a multidimensional and therapeutic exploration into your unique cellular intelligence.
• Take a guided spatial exploration – your body as map and compass.
• Address and re-pattern your behavioural habits and generate new energy for life.
• Explore a profoundly therapeutic process if you’re in or at the end of major transitions or life altering experiences; relationship breakup, job loss, parental transition, menopause, grief, loss.
• Transform. This work is for you, if you’re simply curious and seeking another way in which to approach life.
• Reveal a sophisticated set of tools to aid you in your daily life.

Adventures in the field Camilla Maling Urban Yoga

What exactly is AITF & what happens on an adventure?

“It’s a physical awakening system. You actually build new sense pathways. It’s a physical truth that proper learning changes your perception and this shifts your world.” Grant L.

Adventures In The Field™ is the uncovering of an embodied, spatial philosophy. It is an inter-disciplinary, deeply therapeutic rich research space and an opportunity to play in the landscape of you.

Camilla has developed a nine-zoned inhabitation model, a map to a cognisant & felt embodiment. Adventures in the Field™ codifies a way in which we move through environments, deal with information and are elegantly productive. These zones are traversed using movement, somatic inquiry, yogasana, facilitated improvisation, partner work, language and the intelligence of spontaneity. The work is greatly informed by the research of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Yoga Philosophy and The Alexander Technique. Each venturers’ experience will be completely unique and each crossing of the nine zones throws up a different experience. The work meets you where you are. Even though we share a common design from which this material arises, we are idiosyncratic and indeed our lives play out differently.

“We all share roughly the same systemic design and it’s in our physical, mental and emotional expression of this design, where the individuality resides.” Camilla

Who is AITF really for?

Anyone can participate in Adventures in the Field™. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like this before or how proficient you are with your yoga practice or creative movement. What is required is a curiousness, openness and willingness (and that you are over 18!).

Perhaps you’re actively looking for support to change your behavioural patterns. Here is a process that reveals a set of tools to aid you in daily living. This work relates directly to you, now.

Journey into your behavioural imprints and discover, reveal, heal.

Friday 19th August ~ 7:00-9:00pm
Saturday 20th August ~ 12:30pm – 6:30pm
Sunday 21st August ~ 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Workshop Fee’s ~ $225

Booking essential, workshop limited to just 14 students.

Registrations online at Urban Yoga NZ Online
Email enquiries to Sarah – bookings (at) urbanyoga.co.nz
Please read the Urban Yoga Policies.

Adventures in the field Camilla Maling Urban YogaAbout Camilla

Camilla Maling is a multi-disciplinary movement practitioner, educator & therapist. She is fascinated by human beings and being human. Synthesizing over 20 years research & work in movement, yoga, improvisation and sound design, Camilla facilitates experiences for individuals and groups to more acutely inhabit themselves and grow their understanding of what and how they are. This ‘knowing’, she believes, is critical to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability.

Camilla is the Founder & Director of The Yoga Lab in Melbourne and has been teaching yoga since 2005. She has an established private consultation practice in movement education, therapeutics and philosophy. Movement is a long time love. Camilla has danced for as long as she can remember and still does, especially with her two children, Stella & Taylor.

Anusara Yoga taught her an immeasurable amount. Body Mind Centering continues to nourish at the deepest of levels, and there have been many discoveries within Alexander Technique, Skinner Release and Contact Improvisation. Camilla has a background as an arts journalist & radio documentary maker. Her perpetual appetite for the stuff of science, story telling, philosophy and movement fuels her work.

“So that’s a little about me, how about you? We both know that the real meeting occurs inside the work itself, I look forward to it.“

What others have said about AITF:

“A deep exploration, moving beyond my sense of what is, working ways to see, feel and experience things in a new light. Amazing facilitation.” Mish JL

“It helped me develop my self confidence. I’m better at pushing myself in uncomfortable situations and dealing more effectively with what life throws at me.” Tim S

“It felt safe to visit the more challenging areas and I experienced renewed energy becoming more closely acquainted with the parts of me that can often remain ignored / overlooked.
I felt my thinking and outlook was transformed as to how I could apply this experiential wisdom into my daily life and my yoga practice. I left the process with a renewed sense of my creative and physical self; awake and reconnected to what this body, mind and spirit needs.” Christine P.


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