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Yin Yoga

This is a more introspective style of class suitable for all levels of practitioner involving longer holds of simple poses held for 1-3 and/or 3-5 minutes duration to help release patterns of built up tension and stress often owed to a busy/stressful working life and will feed you from the inside out.

As one of the more contemplative and therapeutic classes, a Yin practice can be an excellent form of support for your Nervous System which in turn effects muscles, organs and tissues. A Yin practice will help create greater balance within and regulate these vital systems for more optimal functioning, as well as receiving greater support from your energetic body.

Bringing attention to your body’s physiological systems of support, some of the therapeutic benefits to discover in your Yin practice are:

– Increased flexibility, strength and hydration of the connective tissues.
– Enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow.
– Supports the release of toxins from the tissues.
– Increased oxygenation due to decreased tension in your body.
– Helps restore a healthy range of motion.
– Excellent compliment to other training by increasing the elasticity and resiliency of tissues.
– Helps restore the stability of your joints through a balanced practice (Yin and Yang).

All levels welcome.

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Yin Class(1)

  • Tuesday

    17:45 – 19:00

    All Levels


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