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Urban Yoga Roll and Release Tune Up Flow Wellington

Yoga Tune Up® Flow

A new addition to Urban Yoga’s weekly class schedule in 2017, led by senior teacher and Yoga Tune Up® accredited facilitator Josiane O’Rourke

This Mixed Level class offers a fresh option for those seeking a variety in their movement practice using different Yoga Tune Up® ball techniques that will therapeutically help each student release tension and enable them to flow with greater ease in their practice.

Each Yoga Tune Up® Flow class begins by first bringing attention to a region of the body as the focal point of class. Students will learn how to use various Yoga Tune Up® balls and apply specific techniques to iron out and release tension from the area of body that is the focus – for example the lower legs, ankles & feet.

Students will follow their Yoga Tune Up® exercises, by flowing in simple Dynamic Flow sequence/s designed to enhance blood flow and circulation specific to the focal point of the practice. Students will experience greater ease in their flow due to the benefits of Yoga Tune Up® balls often being immediate.

Finishing on a sweet note by clearing away any remaining residue with specific stretch, roll & release techniques, yin and/or restorative postures, students will completely unwind and let go.

You Will:
  • Develop a greater sense of awareness of a specific area of your body.
  • Learn self massage techniques that will prevent, and even heal ”the issues in the tissues”in this region of the body.
  • Learn to integrate an application of proprioception principles to strengthen your muscles through an energetic flow and specific exercises that will warm up the whole body.
  • Finish each practice with a gentle roll & release moment using the Yoga Tune Up® Balls to cool you down and allowing you to go back to the world feeling strong yet flexible. Balance is the key!

Yoga Tune Up® Flow(1)

  • Tuesday

    17:45 – 19:00



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