Pricing & Concessions

Concession Types

(valid for 3 months)




(Evenings & Weekends)

Mixed (5+5 classes)
Unlimited Month

How do I choose?

Concessions are offered as an incentive for regular practice. Please note they may not be shared, transferred or put on hold so choose carefully and mindfully.

Concessions are valid for 3 months and then they expire and are not transferrable.

PAYMENT INFO All concessions, courses, workshops, gift cards or special events may be paid through our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM, in cash or into the following bank account:

Urban Yoga Limited 38-9016-0469330-00.

*NB Payments through the online booking system will incur a small Ezidebit bank transaction fee for this service.

Getting the most of of your Concession Package

Let’s say you want to come once per week. A 10-trip will cover that with 2 weeks’ grace. If you want to come twice per week, a 20 trip would be more cost effective for you. Three times per week? A 30-trip is your best bet! Keen to attend four or more classes each week? Awesome. Our UNLIMITED MONTH concession passes are excellent value if you are wanting to kick start a daily practice.

If you purchase a multi-trip pass, you can use it as it suits your schedule for the 3 months it is valid. It is ideal if you commit to coming to the same class each week with only the occasional change to accommodate extenuating circumstances but we understand that life can vary week to week.

Gift Cards

Being a very small enterprise, Urban Yoga is sustained by student attendance alone and word of mouth is our most powerful marketing tool. We are so grateful when you bring (or send) your friends along to experience our classes. Not only does it ensure the sustainability of our offering you a consistently high level of yoga, but it also means our community grows organically with friends of friends becoming friends 😉

  • Gift cards are available in any amount and must be redeemed within three months of issue.
  • A Gift card value may be applied to classes, private sessions, workshops and courses.
  • You may purchase your gift card at the studio or email bookings to order then pay online.
  • Your Gift Card will be mailed out to you or whomever you’d like to gift it to.

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To book a Level 1-2, Level 2, Friday Feel Good, Community Class, Workshop or Special Event please use our online booking system.
To join one of our Beginners or Pregnancy courses, please email Bookings directly.