Spring Yoga Series Adele Kinghan

Spring Yoga Series – with Adele Kinghan

Spring Yoga Series Adele KinghanHow do you want to feel in 2016?

What: Spring Series – Mini Workshops (all Levels)
When: Friday 4th & Saturday 5th of September
Where: Urban Yoga L3/160 Willis Street, Wellington
Price: $80 Full Series or $45 single session

Join us for two mini workshops diving into yoga and lifestyle tools to spring into Spring and the new year with energy and inspiration.

Looking to go deeper with and/or be challenged by your current asana practice? Seeking a lifestyle or career change? Want to live with vitality, passion and purpose but not sure where to start? Want to get that yoga room ahhhh off the mat and into your life?

With two mini playshops as your launch pad, spring into Spring and the new year with fresh energy and renewed motivation. Adele will lead you through a fun, yet challenging asana practice and offer some potent lifestyle tools to get clear on your burning questions, to align your methods for honouring what’s important to you and put into action how you want to live. Discover how to make your yoga practice an empowering daily ritual, a game changer that promises to bring you closer to yourself and to what’s possible.

See below for a more detailed description of what each mini workshop will be covering.

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Two mini-workshops(2)

  • Day One

    18:00 – 21:00

    Friday 4 September

  • Day Two

    13:00 – 16:00

    Saturday 5 September


Long ago, the Buddha proposed that the fundamental problem of humanity is the suffering we inflict on ourselves. In the ongoing teachings of “yoga” the conversation has been one of: how do we eliminate our suffering and find freedom?

We’ll explore how freedom comes from knowing yourself and understanding how you want to feel. Because, really, don’t we just want to feel good, every day?

But the golden question is – are you prepared to devote time to what makes you feel good, and unearth ways to consistently feel that way?

This playshop will address the ‘how’ of yoga with a clear directive: to facilitate ease and freedom by bringing you into the deepest registry of your fundamental being. We’ll explore asana practices focusing on hip openers and arm balances (using cues from the endocrine system) and potent lifestyle tools from the Desire Map.


Yoga is often described as skill in action – every day. However, the weighty responsibilities of our day-to-day life means it’s often easier to numb out and go on auto-pilot than to feel what we feel and make skillful choices for ourselves.

Looking at teachings from the Bhagavad Gita, we’ll explore concepts of Svadarma (one’s own duty) and life purpose, taking the view that it is not something we ‘do’, it’s something we are.

We’ll use Desire Mapping methodology to move from the poetical to the practical – understanding how our ‘purpose’ can inform how we plan our days, how we make career decisions, our commitment to a daily yoga practice, and how we show up in relationships, including the most precious one – our relationship with ourselves. We’ll explore this with an in-depth asana practice focusing on backbends and inversions, and tips and tricks on how to cultivate a daily home yoga practice.

You’ll come away from both sessions with a greater registry of embodied anatomy to light up your asana practice across the full spectrum of backbends, arm balances, inversions and hip openers, tools for self development and most of all, your eyes open and senses attuned to the joy-filled amazement of all that you are. You’ll have a clear sense of how you can be in life with much less proving, and way more living… not just living well, but living WOW.

About Adele

Adele Kinghan_profileweb

Adele wants to live in a world where yoga is medicine, desire is celebrated, everyone’s default state is wellbeing, and dancing in the streets is highly encouraged if not mandatory.

With her passion for movement Adele’s first love was dance – everything from ballet to hip hop – and she was a dance teacher for many years. It wasn’t until Adele was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 25 and given a 30% chance of survival that she explored yoga, first as a way to manage pain, and then to heal and regain strength.

Since returning to full health she has made yoga a regular part of her life and feels better than ever for it. In yoga Adele found the same challenge and fun she had in dance, and so much more. She healed her body, overcame fears around her illness and found a way to live fully, with grace, gratitude and an open heart.

As a yoga teacher in the style of Embodied Flow, Adele is sought after for her breadth of knowledge, empowering approach and attention to awakening – be it physical, mental and emotional. She is a master at helping students unwind unhelpful habits, patterning, tension and thoughts and in the process guiding them to uncover the best version of themselves.

In additional to her wellness journey, Adele spent 11 years working in public relations across large multi-nationals, investment banks, government and the third sector. She knows first hand what stress and imbalance does to our bodies and has developed a great toolkit to help students find a greater sense of ease, calm and flow in their life.

Adele’s extensive yoga training includes Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle, Anusara, Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank, and Fluid Power vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea.

When she’s not on the mat she’s finding her yoga on the snow, in the water, or basking in the sunshine on her deck with a good book. You can find her cooking up a storm, walking her dog on the beach, and when her schedule allows, exploring many an intrepid destination.


“Adele had the most inspiring and truly spiritual yoga classes I’ve ever taken” – Kat, USA

“Adele is the most inspiring Yoga teacher with the most soul replenishing words of guidance” – Renee Bezzina, Aus

“Adele is actually really a yoga guru and the most inspiring person, her classes were so unique, her words of wisdom, inspirational quotes, I always walked out of her classes feeling lifted and richer in mind and spirit. I only wish I could remember it all and relive, no yoga teacher will ever match her” – Susan McGrath, Aus

“Adele truly has a gift for yoga, I’ve been practicing for over 5 years now and I was blown away by her.” – Megan Sevcik, USA

“Adele, you have been such an inspiration and motivator for me… My time with you in Bali will stay with me for the rest of my days.” Anne-Maree Walker, Gold Coast

“I really want to thank you again for inspiring me to fall in love with yoga again. I had the most beautiful yoga classes I’ve ever taken. You are truly amazing!” – Ashley Chu, Taiwan


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