Urban Yoga

David Driscole

David DriscoleDavid started practicing yoga with the aim of improving his triathlon and mountain biking performance. Yoga did help enhance his core strength, flexibility and balance, but it also opened his mind and awareness to other parts of life. He found respite from his perfectionism and peace from his anxiety.

David uses his experience of improving his limited mobility (of both body and mind) to offer classes that are challenging, fun, and that celebrate the positive parts of everyday life. He has a lot of empathy for people with physical tightness, and experience in adapting a yoga practice to meet the students where they are.

In addition to his regular classes, he also teaches a specialty Yoga for Runners workshop and course throughout the year.

David has been teaching yoga since 2009. He is grateful for the teachers who have helped him develop his skills, specifically; Kelly Fisher, Katie Lane, Tara Judelle and Noah Maze. He is recognized as an RYT 200 teacher with Yoga Alliance and has completed his training as an Anusara Elements teacher.

Off the mat, David is learning how to be Dad, still runs regularly, and is the Manager of the Massey University Gym.

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