“Hang in there mate” ~ Ralph Hotere

As we arrive in the final moments of 2017, it is humbling to acknowledge that it represents six years since Urban Yoga’s bold inception with Kelly Fisher in 2012. It is an honour to continue to facilitate Urban Yoga’s dedicated community of students, along with the support and enthusiasm of our amazing teachers. Together we feel excited for what 2018 will bring.

Like every year though, 2017 has provided its own unique set of challenges, obstacles and uncertainties to overcome. On reflection, these continue to be inextricably linked to our growth and our willingness to evolve during, what was at times moments of great discomfort. Meeting change we always have the choice to do so with love and authenticity. In my own practice it has been most rewarding when I have allowed myself to be perfect in my own imperfections and to seek to recognise the same in others.

In a way, 2017 represents a book filled with many chapters or events, many of which are coming to an end so that others may begin. How we bounce back from hardship both personally and professionally to start afresh, is intimately connected to the resilience and receptivity fostered in our daily practice. Sometimes getting to the studio for class, landing on our yoga mat to move, or sit for meditation, has been the hardest part of our practice. But, like the saying goes, we never regret it when we do.

Learning how to recognise our own innate tools of resilience to be skilful in our choices, empowered with action and how to “Hang in there mate” is a topic that I grow more and more interested in exploring. I look forward to where this takes Urban Yoga as we head into 2018.

Thank you ~

Finally, to our dedicated Urban Yoga community, thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm for your practice and for teaching me so much throughout this year.

Thank you for your patience whilst Shelley, Lucy, Emma, Josiane, Kelly, Megan, Penelope and I have continued our learning and evolution as teachers and facilitators in 2017.

Thank you for your continued support of Urban Yoga,

& for your friendship.

~ Namaste