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Trust the Process

Urban Yoga

Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please…. It is with much excitement that I am now able to share with you all Urban Yoga’s brand new website [insert a big grin and ecstatic clapping hands emoticon]! As part of this new

Adele Kinghan – “How do you want to feel”?

Adele Kinghan

Urban Yoga is delighted to be hosting Adele Kinghan and her weekend workshop, 6-8 March 2015: The Evolution of Your Yoga Practice – inspired by The Desire Map . Following the success of this workshop series in Auckland, Adele is

A new wave in the cycle of life

In the natural world, there is a predictable cycle of creation, sustenance and dissolution. For example, as human beings we are born, we live and eventually, we die. Every microcycle within that macrocycle flows through the same process. A thought

Higher, Deeper, Further

Kelly and James

What a whirlwind new motherhood has been! There is nothing anyone could have said to prepare me for the immensity of it. I think there are some human experiences that simply transcend words and parenting is one of them. I

Urban Yoga is Evolving!

Thank you, Urban Yoga community, for the overwhelming love and support coming my way as I prepare for my next evolution into motherhood. It is because of the commitment I’ve seen from you to your own yoga practice and evolution


David Driscole

What challenges are you facing in your life this spring? Join us at Urban Yoga for three very special classes over the next week to help gear you up for whatever life may offer this season! David will be offering the

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