Urban Yoga is Evolving!

Thank you, Urban Yoga community, for the overwhelming love and support coming my way as I prepare for my next evolution into motherhood.

It is because of the commitment I’ve seen from you to your own yoga practice and evolution that I have worked hard to select the right people for the job of taking care of you, my valued community of students and friends rather than closing the doors of the studio at the end of 2013.
I am going to miss you while I’m gone but rest assured I have organised for you to be very well looked after by a dynamic selection of local teachers. I do hope you will support your own learning by continuing your practice with them.

After discussions with potential replacements from overseas, it became clear to me that we’ve got some fantastic teachers right here in our own community whose varied perspectives will enhance your yoga practice much better than a single teacher ever could. I’m a firm believer in experiencing yoga from all kinds of viewpoints in order to build a personal understanding and approach that will ensure yoga is a sustaining tool in your life.

The teachers I’ve selected to cover classes share the following things in common:

  • life experience in various professional and/or sporting fields
  • a deep, abiding personal yoga practice spanning years
  • a commitment to ongoing yoga study and professional development
  • ability to communicate clearly and ensure student safety
  • humour and authenticity

The fantastic team includes:

I expect I’ll be around until early March. It would be lovely to see you in classes before then and please, take advantage of the superlative team of teachers who will be stepping in while I’m gone. Make the most of the panel of experts while we’ve got them!

Everything and everyone must evolve and adapt in order to survive.
Hold rigidly to outworn ideas, patterns or habits and you will suffer the frustration and stagnation that are inevitable in that case.
Look for the opportunity in each fresh new moment and you will invite an evolution that could be beyond anything you’ve imagined for yourself.