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Shelley McCarten Urban Yoga
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Five minutes with Shelley McCarten

Shelley McCarten Urban Yoga

Have you met Shelley McCarten? Shelley is one inspirational human who happens to also teach at Urban Yoga, including heading up our Pregnancy Yoga Course offering. It is an honour to have such a down to earth individual on our

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Everything is vibrating

Everything is Vibrating – Urban Yoga

Contributed by Amy Fitzgerald. At Octavio Salvado’s recent workshop Mythic Yoga Modern Flow we spent time deeply exploring our yoga practice with the myths of ancient India as our inspiration. We were also given the opportunity to explore a less familiar

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A new wave in the cycle of life

In the natural world, there is a predictable cycle of creation, sustenance and dissolution. For example, as human beings we are born, we live and eventually, we die. Every microcycle within that macrocycle flows through the same process. A thought

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Amy’s experience with Tara Judelle

Tara Judelle Urban Yoga

By her own admission Tara Judelle is a ‘yoga facilitator and a change agent traveling the world creating yoga happenings in amazing spaces’. This November Tara will bring her Embodied Flow Workshop to the Island Bay Surf Club, on the

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“No coffee, no Prana” – Pattahbi Jois.

Hand Of Woman Meditating In A Yoga Pose On Beach

I wasn’t a morning person when Kelly offered me to teach the Friday morning classes. That first morning my alarm went-off and I wondered what I had done. After a couple regular Friday mornings teaching at 7:00am, I was hooked.

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Higher, Deeper, Further

Kelly and James

What a whirlwind new motherhood has been! There is nothing anyone could have said to prepare me for the immensity of it. I think there are some human experiences that simply transcend words and parenting is one of them. I

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Pigeon pose made me ANGRY

pigeon pose

Pigeon Pose made me angry. So, so angry. Not visible on the surface, because looking at me you’d never know. A quick glance to your left or right in any given yoga class and you’d find me looking like someone only slightly

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