“No coffee, no Prana” – Pattahbi Jois.

I wasn’t a morning person when Kelly offered me to teach the Friday morning classes. That first morning my alarm went-off and I wondered what I had done. After a couple regular Friday mornings teaching at 7:00am, I was hooked. So much so, that I actually asked to add another 7:00am class on Tuesdays.

Early morning yoga is different. Your body is still waking up and this gives you permission to practice with greater ease – to let go of expectations and demands in your practice – instead, enjoy only what comes naturally, what your body needs. Your mind is free of your daily worries. This allows you to be truly in the moment and that moment is just for you.

Cultivate your prana with early morning yoga and a free cup of coffee. As Pattahbi Jois said, “No coffee, no Prana.”

Urban Yoga has partnered with Neo Cafe & Eatery, just a few doors down, to give you that extra motivation out of bed during these last winter mornings. Come to four 7:00am classes within four weeks and you will be rewarded with a free hot drink from Neo. This offer is on for September and October. UPDATE – THIS OFFER WILL CONTINUE UNTIL DECEMBER 19, 2014.

See you at 7:00am.


Top tips to get the most out of your morning practice:

  • Book your spot the night before. When you wake up, you’ll remember the commitment to yourself and you’ll know that I’ve crafted a class with you in mind.
  • Commit to certain days or a certain number of classes. Once you establish a pattern it will become a familiar routine.
  • Drink a glass of water before you come to class so you’re hydrated.
  • Be kind in your practice – discover how much the simple asanas offer.
  • Starting the day with something you like will make the morning and rest of your day enjoyable!