Where are they now? Sheridan Gray

It’s a phrase I hear all the time in our community, “Whatever happened to _______ who used to be here all the time?”. Wellington is vibrant, exciting and ever-changing and it’s people are movers and shakers. Unfortunately for us, sometimes that means some really cool people move and shake themselves right out of town…and in some cases the country!

I feel blessed to still be in touch with some of those folks and thought you might like to know a little bit about where they ended up. This month, Sheridan Gray checks in.

Sheridan GraySherdian Gray

Kia ora everyone,

I’ve been living up in Raglan since winter last year and have loved it so far. It’s really relaxed and definitely a small town. Everyone knows everyone and we all wear jandals in the summer and gumboots in the winter.

Since I left Wellington, I’ve started my PhD  and it’s been a really challenging, exciting and political journey so far. I’ve definitely been through some struggles giving up being a school teacher for something a lot freer and much less secure.

Sitting with uncertainty and discomfort has been a big part of my life in a new place, with a different career, but it’s been a great time of personal growth too. Yoga has definitely helped me through some of those times – as has a lot of sunshine, the beach, great food and plenty of relaxed people around me.

Hope you are all well. I definitely miss the studio, practice and companionship at Urban Yoga.