Shedding my old skin

photo_1_00d5ccI was diagnosed with clinical depression at 16.  After years of doctors visits, and stints with various anti-depressants, in September last year I made the decision to go completely off any medication to free my body of needing a pill to make me feel “normal”.   I wanted to find a natural alternative, something that I could make a permanent part of my lifestyle that could help keep me feeling well, and connect the physical and the mental aspects of myself.

I found my answer. 

I had dabbled in a little bit of yoga here and there, but had never fully committed myself to regular practice.  Then I discovered Urban Yoga, conveniently located to fit in with all my daily commitments, went along, and thoroughly enjoyed the teaching, the people and the environment.  I immediately wanted to commit to several classes a week.

I have been going since October last year, and I feel like a different person.   Above all the amazing physical benefits I’m feeling from practicing yoga, I have found the connection with my inner self that I had never had before, and I am learning to shed the self judgement that has often been the source of my anxiety, I have found a place to break away from the stresses and worries that I am used to internalising.

I feel stronger, healthier, calmer, and I’m getting to know myself a whole lot better.

Thanks Kelly, and the people who make Urban Yoga a cool little yogi community.

~Sharlene Vidak