Yoga!?  Well, what is there to say? I’m struggling to get beyond the fact that it’s a good idea and we should probably be doing some more of it. 

It kind of doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a power yoga practice (hardasana) or a yin yoga practice (lazyasana) or a home practice (myasana) or even not a very good practice at all (badasana) … all roads can lead to the same destination if you walk down them for long enough and they don’t necessarily involve some highly contorted peak poses (crazyasana.) 

The important thing is to turn up on the mat and be present. If you’re not fully there, then it’s not quite yoga (dumbasana.) Paradoxically, asana is all about what’s happening on the inside. So, breathe slowly, take it to the edge, pull it back a little and then open softly to whatever comes. To me, that’s smartasana. It’s also not a bad recipe for life.

~Tom Hussey